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The second British Footwear Association (BFA) Sustainability Summit has come to an end
Apr 26 , 2024

The second British Footwear Association (BFA) Sustainability Summit was held in Birmingham on 17 April and was moderated by BFA Board Member and Sustainability Expert Vanessa Podmore and Eurofins BLC Managing Director Andrew Hudson.

The one-day conference attracted 200 attendees from a variety of fields and delved into key topics such as supply chain mapping, traceability, environmental impact, life cycle analysis, and innovative material approaches.

Joanne Jorgensen, Director of Material Design for Nike Footwear Flyknit, delivered the keynote.

Speakers from Segura, Covation Bio, Vivobarefoot, Fairfax and Favor, as well as Coats Footwear, provided insights under the sponsorship of partners such as Pavers, Clarks, Insite Insoles, The Boot Repair Company and Schuh.


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